Happy Campers Mobile Services

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Happy Campers Mobile Services

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List of Specialized Services

·       Rubber Roof Replacement

·       Collision Damage Repair

·       Aluminum Siding Repair

·       Water Damage Restoration

·       Slide out Restoration

·       Refrigerator Repair

·       Coolant Unit Replacement

·       Water Heater Repair/ Replacement

·       Furnace Repair/ Replacement

·       Water System Repairs

·       Cabinet Repairs

·       Wall and Ceiling Repairs/ Rebuilds

·       Air Conditioner Repair/ Replacement

·       Toilet Repair/ Replacement

·       Grey/ Black Water Tank Replacement


Spring Flush out 

This includes a complete flush of your water tank and water lines. 



Includes; blowing out all water lines and the hot water heater, installing RV antifreeze in all water lines and drains.



Interior and Exterior detailing, wheeling, hand waxed and buffed

Frame Preparation and Paint

​This includes removing loose paint and rust from the frame and applying a new coat of paint.